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  • Task Management

    Assists in supporting various departments in the company by entering personal customer and account information into data spreadsheets or data programs Keeps information accurate, organized, and confidential

    Primarily responsible for maintaining a company's general ledger, which entails recording daily transactions, deposits, and income 
    Sends invoices out to clients for goods or services

    Works with the marketing/marketing communication team and manages end-to-end email marketing strategies
    Cultivates relationships with subscribers through highly personalized email campaigns 
    Promotes company offerings through email

    Responsible for leading a team of professionals in completing projects by a set deadline to uphold business initiatives
    Duties include dividing up their budget for different project aspects and advocating for additional funding when necessary, hiring freelance professionals or selecting project team members from existing departments and setting or adjusting project schedules to adhere to deadlines.
    Delegating job duties to the appropriate team members and following through with great communication on the tasks progress to ensure a timely and efficient outcome

  • Customer/Client Relations

    Helps customers/clients with questions or concerns, gives them information about products and services, take orders, and processes returns 
    Overall being the frontline for communication between the customer/client and the CEO

    Helps to increase exposure through social media platforms
    Works alongside a specialized team to reach your brand's goals 
    From creating monthly editorial calendars, to using marketing strategies to deliver your brand's message in creative ways, a Social Media Manager is the link between your business and your social media followers

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